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John Clare and the Swing Riots
A poetic and historical walk with Stuart Butler

Tuesday 14th April 6-8pm
SVA, 4 John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA

A guided walk starting at the exhibition by Andy Holden at SVA, John Street followed by the Goods Shed with an explanatory, contextualising talk from Stuart Butler. The walk will then proceed along the banks of the Frome to walk up through Rodborough Fields to Rodborough Common, with poems in the landscape read by Bill Jones and Jon Seagrave.

simon ryder


Simon Ryder

Wednesday 15th April 7.30pm
SVA, 4 John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA

How best to explore the multiple identities of The Verne: part 18th-century coastal hilltop fort built to defend against the French; part 20th-century island prison (HMP); and in the process of becoming the UK’s latest immigration removal centre (IRC) for the deportation of illegal immigrants? That was the task set for the artist-in-residence, Simon Ryder, who will talk about his time in The Verne, and why he invited a team of squash players to come and ‘play’ the cells, corridors and underground passageways of this extraordinary site. Also about the significance of birds, in particular a Harris Hawk called Mable, in this complex and conflicted context. The talk will end with a showing of ‘Ricochet’, the film Simon made in response using heat-seeking infrared cameras.
Tickets: £4 on door



Men Diamler


John Street Blues presents
Men Diamler

Thursday 16th April 7.30pm
SVA, 4 John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA

SVA, 4 John Street, Stroud, GL5 2HA
More blues at john street in Stroud, come with your stories in song and let your heart bleed...you’ll have an audience who’ll listen, some might even join in… Men Diamler is our special guest for this John Street Blues session. “Men Diamler is a young man with a cult reputation in the South West who will not be tamed by the powers that be, reconfiguring a English/Welsh soul music through woozy operatics and wild and weird song/stories. Sweet and darkness have never sounded so close or so intense in such performer. Despite his tender age he is a channel for old thyme ways - footstompin’ blues, two string serenades, backwoods drinking hollers, horse play and pagan folk all get exorcised. Psychosis never sounded this good and people clap” Qujunktions. John Street Blues is a regular Blues night, in which musicians and non-musicians can enjoy blues music from every era. The night encompasses vinyl and digital music, film, and live jams and performances, in which anyone is welcome to participate..
Tickets: £5 on door


hosts the John Street Social Club

Friday 17th April 7-11pm
SVA, 4 John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA

XPOSED CLUB is a deliciously enticing, expressive platform that blends a luscious variety of arts from the internationally acclaimed to the local acts in one tantalising evening of performance! The John Street Social Club is a series of weekly Friday night club socials hosted by different artists each week with visuals and audio to share. The format: decks, laptop, and a limited number of selected youtube clips of archive footage and informative curiosities...
£1 membership on the door

  Andrew Wood  

Clotted Art Teas
Saturdays 18th, 25th April, 2nd May
T. 01453 299901 or 07773 327513
Tickets: £12 advance

Andrew Wood invites you to his studio in the centre of Stroud where Colour & Form are cooked in the Juice of the Imagination. Cream teas will be served. Only by appointment

and in Glove  
Doubly Closed and The Crowd
Hand in Glove

Saturday 18th April
Doubly Closed: 11.30-11.50am,
Subscription rooms courtyard, Stroud
The Crowd: 12.10-12.30am,
High Street and Kendrick Street, Stroud

Doubly Closed is conceived as a gestural ritual initiated by the passing of a small precious object. The performance focuses on contagious behaviour as an underlying thread in daily life; mechanistic, dynamic, bizarre and comedic qualities are woven into this fabric. Inspired by Elias Canetti’s Crowds and Power, The Crowd asserts the mysterious phenomena of crowd formation and its dispersal. A sense of non-determinate forces and a jettisoned plan broker the promise of a barely glimpsed event.Hand on Glove are: Jim Brook, Mark Unsworth, Uta Baldauf, Belinda Bel, Kirsty Limburn, Stuart Wilding, Caroline Tate, Mary Brazil, Liz Swift, Izabel Broad, Stephanie Parker, and Jane Garbetts.

  Kriss Foster & Friend   Mr Fluffypunk’s Penny Gaff
Obscure Art for the Masses

Saturday 18th April 8pm
SVA, 4 John Street, Stroud, GL5 2HA

Penny Gaff? Scattered amongst the genteel music halls of Victorian London were their bawdy, low-life cousins, the ‘Penny Gaffs’- rough-house variety shows bringing colourful entertainment to the great unwashed. Mr Fluffypunk seeks to continue that tradition, presenting an eclectic alternative cabaret of oddball comedy, stand-up poetry, performance art and low-budget film. This month’s headliner is Kriss Foster & Friend: ‘This Bag’s For The Charity Shop’. Edinburgh favourite Kriss Foster is just your average man from Lancaster with a guitar and a home-made leopard suit. His friend is Mr Ferris, who plays a keyboard and doesn’t say much. They tell stories, show you their bag of things for the charity shop and sing songs about taxidermy, The Cumberland Pencil Museum and the man who feeds other people’s cats. Everyone’s favourite local depressive Bill Jones will be joing us with his ‘dose of the morose’ from and a hot fistful of silly competitions. ‘A must for fans of John Shuttleworth and Flight Of The Conchords’- Three Weeks ****
Tickets: £8 advance £10 on the door
Advanced tickets can be bought online here or from Trading Post, 26 Kendrick Street GL5 1AQ

Friction – a blend of fact and fiction
Breakfast discussion with Tara Downs, Bart Sabel and Carolyn Black

Sunday 19th April 11am-1pm
SVA, 4 John St, Stroud GL5 2HA

“How might contemporary art and museums skill-share to inform innovative thinking that challenges our understanding of knowledge?” Discuss. We invite anyone with an interest in contemporary art and/or museums to join this conversation. Friction - a blend of fact and fiction - and there’s the rub. Do the two together disrupt our understanding of authoritative knowledge, or expand it? Participants are invited to join in this discussion and to activate your analytical engines, a hearty breakfast with fresh coffee will be served. Funded by Arts Council England.

Tickets: £5 breakfast included, booking essential
Email: office@sva.org.uk. Tel: 01453 751440


Stroud Short Stories
Sunday 19th April 7.30pm doors open, 8pm start
SVA, 4 John St, Stroud GL5 2HA

This is the ninth SSS event. And as Stroud Short Stories always plays to a packed house you’re advised to book your tickets early to avoid disappointment. Ten specially selected stories, chosen from nearly one hundred submitted, will be read by Gloucestershire’s best writers. A night of surprises and top-notch writing is guaranteed. Previous stories have included aliens in Tesco’s, a woman playing host to a strange creature and the sculptural possibilities of pick’n’mix sweets, so expect anything. The newly published Stroud Short Stories Anthology 2011-2015 will also be on sale on the night.Organised and presented by local writer John Holland.



  Andy Holden, with Ivy Leeson and Secluded Brontė  

BRICKHOUSE presents:
Its Only Bondage Was the Circling Sky
Andy Holden, with Ivy Leeson and Secluded Brontë


7th-19th April
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm
SVA, Goods Shed, Stroud GL5 3AP

7th April-2nd May
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-6pm
Roberts and Robbins
SVA, 4 John Street,Stroud GL5 2HA

For this two-part exhibition Andy Holden presents two collaborations which both expound on the impact of technology on the landscape and mental ecology of rural Britain; firstly with the implementation of the enclosures act in the 1830’s and secondly with the introduction of broadband to the provinces at the end of the twentieth century. BRICKHOUSE is a London based curatorial project founded by Guy Gormley and Thomas Bush.

  friction   The Friction Project: a Miniature Museum of Museums. Tara Downs and Bart Sabel
Commissioned by Flow Contemporary Arts
18th April-31st May
Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm, Saturdays and Sundays, 11am-4pm, Bank Holiday Monday, 11am-5pm
The Museum in the Park, Stratford Pk, Stroud GL5 4AF
T. 01453 763394

The Friction Project presents a unique interactive artwork created by Tara Downs and Bart Sabel inspired by the collections of three Gloucestershire Museums: The Holst Museum (Cheltenham); the Museum in the Park (Stroud) and the Waterways Museum (Gloucester). The Miniature Museum of Museums invites visitors to explore their intriguing inventions through touch, sound and movement. Music, engineering and humble mechanisms are the outcome of curiosity and imagination. Flow is led by Carolyn Black. Funded by ACE.

The Art, Design & Cultivation of Fungi
Saturdays 11th and 18th April 10am-3pm or by appointment
Unit 23, Merrywalks,
King Street, Stroud GL5 3DA

Exhibition and launch of the Fungusloci micro-farm by artist and permaculture practitioner Dominic Thomas.

  Alison Cockroft  
After the Animal
1st-30th April
29 High Street, Stroud GL5 1AJ

Is mankind’s fascination with all that is wild a focused way of understanding ourselves? An experimental project space in an empty shop in Stroud High Street provides the starting point for artists to explore this idea further.
  We Are All Haunted Animals Adam White  
We Are All Haunted Animals
Adam White and Amaury Blow

4th April-31st May
Ale House, 9 John Street, Stroud GL5 2HA

Giant innovative watercolours developed over 20 years by humble watercolourist Adam White and animal inspired sculptures pieces by Amaury Blow.
  Soozy Roberts Face Divider   Cream
1st April-31st May
Tuesday to Saturday 11am-11pm, Sundays 11am-9pm Closed Mondays
Bisley House, Middle Street, Stroud, GL5 1DZ

An exhibition of work by artists Lorraine Robbins and Soozy Roberts, including photographs, drawings and collage, within a relaxed cafe/bar/restaurant setting.
  Alchemy-anne haworth   Alchemy
Gloucestershire Printmaking Cooperative

10th March-26th April
Tuesday-Friday, 10am-5pm
Saturdays and Sundays, 11am-4pm
Bank Holiday Monday, 11am-5pm
The Museum in the Park, Stratford Park, Stroud GL5 4AF
T. 01453 763394

This exhibition explores the alchemy of printmaking offering visitors an insight into how prints are created and what Fine Art Printmaking is all about.

Stanley Kerr
11th April-25th April
Kendrick Street Gallery, 20 Kendrick St, Stroud GL5 1AA

Portraits, flower and landscape paintings


1st-30th April

MOULD TV returns to Site, reviewing, interviewing and documenting Site artists, events and participants all from their pop up TV studio. Don’t be shy if you see them! MOULD is a youth arts collective comprising of a range of creative activities from film through to fashion. The collective aims to bring contemporary arts to a younger audience through creating, curating and facilitating youth art events and projects.


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