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Berliner Zeitgeist 2019

Berliner Zeitgeist is a project that explores the ideas, stories and initiatives around the fall of the Berlin Wall. Find out more here.

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Studio spaces available at SVA  

We have a variety of studios available here at SVA. Graduate artists will be offered discounted rent for the 1st year of their lease.

SVA provides studios for 26 artists at John Street. There is a selection process for studio spaces and a studio letting policy in place in response to the increased demand for space, the higher professional and public profile of SVA, and a desire to create a stimulating and creative working environment for all users of the building.

Monthly Studio rental varies between £122 - £220 per month

Find more information here

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Help us by filling in a survey!

We would like to invite you to fill in our Visitor Survey to get a quick bit of feedback. It is very short (honestly!) and it will really help us and the Arts Council gather the information we need to get to know our audiences more.

Fill in our survey here.