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Berliner Zeitgeist is a project that explores the ideas, stories and initiatives around the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Berlin Zeitgeist is project inspired by last year’s event “When the Wall came Down” marking the Fall of the Berlin Wall. “When the Wall came Down” was an evening of presentations, music, film, food, conversations and performance. Hosted by Uta Baldauf and Katharina Child in Atelier.  

This event inspired the idea to make a programme for this year’s 30’s anniversary. Jo Leahy from the SVA joined the conversation and started planning a research trip to Berlin. All this sparked various conversations and Charles Landry became involved, bringing his Berlin cultural contacts with us. We shared our idea with Stroud groups and individuals whom are now taking part in the varied autumn programme for 2019.

For the full line-up and more information visit the Atelier website.