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Ontograph. A one-off museum exhibition


An ontology is flat if it makes no distinction between the types of things that exist but treats all equally." Ian Bogost.

For this exhibition people have been encouraged to submit chosen possessions to be exhibited together with no predefined theme. Items that have some personal significance but perhaps no obvious practical function or use. There was definitely an incentive to assemble objects that weren't manufactured or created with the intention of ever being displayed in a gallery space.

Much like everyday objects from the past are imbued with a relatively equal amount of significance once inside a museum display case; the idea with this exhibition is that an unplanned selection of different objects can be viewed equally, flattening out their various scales of importance and the contexts from which they arose and instead presenting them in the potentially unified context of this so-called museum. After all, who doesn't like a laugh?

Please note submissions are welcome throughout the duration of the exhibition, as well as prior to it’s opening. Curated by Ed Davenport. See more.


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